Flooring – Site Survey & Design


Our surveyors can carry out a moisture check as standard practice to our customers when they place an order with ourselves for installation of vinyl floor coverings.

It is recommended that a moisture check is carried out as if moisture is present in the floor substrate that vinyl is being fitted to then this can lead to failures of the adhesives and latex.

We use high quality Protimeter moisture meters which are capable of determining the moisture content within sub floors , this can be a non-destructive test and can generally sense through existing vinyl floor coverings, if a high moisture content is found we can then carry out a more extensive tests (using a humidity Sleeve) to determine the RH levels of the sub floor.


After the results from the moisture survey have confirmed that moisture levels meet the manufacturer’s requirements, we can help you choose the ideal hygienic flooring for your company. With a wide range of flooring available to fit the needs of all types of industries, we can give you guidance on what the particular benefits of each of the particular flooring are.