Material Supply – Ranges


Supply of ceiling boards and wall cladding sheets includes all adhesives, trims and installation tools. Where wall cladding colours are chosen, a full range of colour matched trims are provided.

Hygienic Cladding

We supply the complete Altro Whiterock range and HCD range of material to allow you to undertake a complete install, including both the required material as well as the more specialised installation tools.

Cladding sheets can be supplied in the following sizes from any of the ranges shown on our Cladding Ranges page:

  • 1220mm x 2500mm x 2.5mm
  • 1220mm x 3000mm x 2.5mm

We recommend that the Hygienic cladding is fully bonded to the building substrate using 2 Part Polyurethane adhesive, this provides two distinct advantages over the dob and dab method, as over time you do not get any infestations behind the sheets and the sheets do not ripple.

The adhesive is supplied in 6.5kg / 8.0kg tubs for the 2.5m and 3.0m sheets respectively.

We supply adhesive tape, mixing paddles as well as notched trowels for mixing and applying the adhesive.

Installation Tools

We can supply a range of tools to assist the installation of Hygienic wall cladding, such as whisks, notched trowels, weld, etc. Just ask when you contact us and we can advise.

Ceiling Boards

We can supply white ceiling boards in the following sizes;

  • 3000mm x 250mm x 10mm
  • 4000mm x 250mm x 10mm
  • 5000mm x 250mm x 10mm

The boards interlock using a Tounge and Groove, and are fixed to the ceiling using wafer head screws through the tounge so the fixings are hidden. We supply all the required accessories, such as the perimeter trim, as well as H jointing trim to join the boards over the length.


The Hygienic Cladding sheets can be joined by either single or two-part trims. There are a wide variety of trims, which are available to cover the following requirements;

  • For the junction between Vinyl flooring and Hygienic walling
  • For framing splashback
  • For the edges of sheets, where no abutment exists
  • For internal and external corner trims, as well as pre-formed corners 100mm x 100mm as standard or custom corners for special order.

Splashbacks and customised requirements

We can supply any size splashback, just provide us with the dimensions required and on how many sides the splashback needs to be framed. We will provide a quotation for all the material and equipment required. If you are unsure of what is required, then download our handy guide from our download section.