Altro Fortis

Introduction to wall, door and corner protection.

In public areas where feet, bags, equipment and wheels are a constant, maintenance can be ongoing and costly, and cleaning difficult. Altro Fortis™ is a system that offers seriously tough, 2.5mm thick protection for walls, doors and corners. It is perfect for education, health and retail where appearances matter. The Altro Fortis system keeps interiors safe from impact and scuff damage and looking good for longer.

A complete solution

The Altro Fortis system can be used in conjunction with Altro 2.5mm safety flooring for an integrated tough and safe environment. It also works well with Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding, creating aesthetic consistency between hygienic and general areas.

Tailored protection

The Altro Fortis system is available in three options to ensure protection exactly where needed:


Huge selection of colours available.